Turning 21

It’s supposed to be fun turning 21🎵
All Too Well (10 Minute Version)

This year has clarified a lot of information, and every day I am getting to know a new me. Although there are still shadows, I finally started to like and accept myself as I am now. I have made peace with everything from the past and stopped the high-powered internal conflicts that lasted for years without my knowledge.


I really like yetone's business card. It's a style that I really like, so I made one for myself too :)

I remember the last time I had a birthday party (or maybe the last time), I was still in primary school in 🇬🇧, and I think I invited a few classmates to dinner. It's been more than ten years since then.

Where are they now? What are they doing? The email addresses they left when they left are no longer valid. Have they contacted me? I don't know, maybe one day we will meet again and we can talk about these topics.

A delicious ice cream cake!

A delicious ice cream cake bought by friends!

What else happened this year?

  • I started learning JavaScript and started coding in the true sense. Although I haven't delved deep into it or made money from it, I still want to say "Thank you JavaScript". I didn't experience the joy of programming in the terminal of the computer room, but I got it from a foreign teacher's instructional videos two years later. Thank you, Jonas Schmedtmann!

  • Later, there is The Cherno, my C++ mentor. Although I haven't done any projects yet, the programming ideas and underlying knowledge he taught me helped me establish the framework of my understanding of computers. It allows me to have an inner exclamation of "Oh, Cherno talked about this, so this is what it means" when I encounter many problems later.

  • During the most stressful period of reviewing for exams in the second half of my sophomore year, I chose to take two deferred exams to free up time and started the "bjut-swift" project (initially called Open-BJUT). I initiated the Beijing University of Technology Course Resource Sharing Program, which to some extent reduced the ugly phenomenon of buying and selling public test questions on campus.

  • Through GitHub and Twitter, I have met many outstanding people. I hope to work with them in the future to do something meaningful and enjoyable. It was the year when I truly started using GitHub and gained some achievements:



  • Sheep Literature is really amazing 😭 I listen to "more than words" at least twice a day
  • It was a year of complete disappointment with the planning of professional courses. After reading excellent textbooks and learning real knowledge, the content that I used to find tasteless but had to learn has become harmful defense. As the saying goes, "Once you have seen the sun, it's hard to go back to the way things were before."

  • It was a year full of confidence in my future.

Let's end this year's summary with a quote from Mr. Lu Xun:

May Chinese youth break free from the cold and only move upwards.
Don't listen to the words of those who give up on themselves.
Do what you can do, speak up if you can.
Have a light, give off some warmth.
Even if it's just a firefly, it can still emit a little light in the darkness.
No need to wait for a torch.

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